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Haunted By The Ghost Collective

It’s too much. I’m heart broken and soul smooshed, and it wasn’t supposed to be this way at all. I had a Ghost Collective looking out for me – any one of them could use their borrowed, plastic bodies to … Continue reading

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Crying In The Broken Mirror

No, we didn’t go bowling today – we rode the Max for hours. Downtown to Hillsboro, all the way back to Gresham, then Gateway to the Airport.  Back to Clackamas Town Center, then to PSU, briefly towards Beaverton, then back … Continue reading

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Tearing Down The Stripper Pole

As you may have noticed, I’ve been super bothered lately by what I’ve been calling “crazy talk” – literally, the insane rantings of my friends and strangers, all focused about how somewhere, sometime, I’m totally in distress. I’ve discounted these … Continue reading

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