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Haunted By The Ghost Collective

It’s too much. I’m heart broken and soul smooshed, and it wasn’t supposed to be this way at all. I had a Ghost Collective looking out for me – any one of them could use their borrowed, plastic bodies to … Continue reading

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Continental Bagel-Jam Explosion

It’s been a week, and the whole world was made in a week, if you know what I mean. I don’t really know – not any more. Mom is gone, and isn’t coming back for me. I’ve had headaches every … Continue reading

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The Lullaby Of White And Black Flames

I don’t know how to begin this. It’s like when your house burns down, and then you’re worried that the phone bill might have been in the mailbox. Would they send you a new copy before it’s due? That’s what … Continue reading

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Strangled By Mommy GPS

I’m convinced – I’m now officially trapped in St. Cloud. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, my hypothetical blog reader and all-around cool entity – I’ve spent the past few weeks testing the boundaries of my prison. … Continue reading

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