Massive Cloud Burst Attack!

I’m so tired, I don’t know if I’m awake or asleep.  The Die Database concert was the best thing in the world, and it just ended in the worst way.

First, before the show, TokiDoki surprised me by taking my ghost backstage to meet the band.  Then, we were able to stake out prime spots right by the stage during the sound check, and I was in awe of all of the Shiina Ringo cosplay – I felt so out of place with my Shimotsuma Monogatari knock-off.  As soon as the show began it didn’t matter, with all of the lights and holos and that lighter-than-air feeling as your ghost vibrates in time to the music.

Yuma was really giving us a show – she kept leaning off the stage and reaching right at us – but she didn’t actually surf like she usually does.  I think the cowgirl costume with the mini mini skirt wasn’t the best outfit for the hands-on approach. Anyway, she was awesome, Muzai Moratorium was amazing, and by the encore I was super-hyped – nothing could take away this night, not even it being 6AM in the morning here.

Then. That guy. What the fuck!

All night TokiDoki and I were talking about him – he kept trying to get up to the front row, and he wasn’t in cosplay or anything. He looked like a gaijin street punk, like someone hanging around the animal sculptures near Pioneer Square, begging for spare change.  He had a full on black beard with some gray hair, a black hoodie with a huge “Intruder Alert!” patch on the back, and some big Buddy Holly glasses on.  He kept staring at Satomi, trying to get closer to her, and before the encore he was able to finally get to the front, right by the Sexy Nurse Ringo.

When the lights died again, I was about to pee myself – my girls came out on stage in Massive Cloud Burst cosplay!  Satomi looked out of this world perfect in her purple Shigai dress.  Just like she promised, Yuma, shining in her Cosmic Kimono, started to sing the intro to the Massive Cloud Burst theme, as she twirled her heavy solar scepter.  “Little light of mine/You will never die/’Cause as long as there’s a sun we’re under/You and I will save each other” – perfect!

Then. That guy! He rushes up onto the stage, knocks Yuma back into the drumset, grabs the solar scepter and her mic, and screams “Abomination!” as he lunges for Satomi.  He hits her on the side of the head, and then Satomi grabs him on the shoulder as they both start to fall off the stage.

That stupid fucking guy! The crowd, still stunned, made a hole big enough for them on the floor. When her bodyguards cleared space, she was bleeding a bit on the right side of her face.  “Daijoubu. I’m OK,” and she was quickly rushed backstage. The punk guy remained on the floor, twisted and silent, twitching and drooling.  By the time the on site medical team arrived, he was dead.

I can’t believe it. Can’t! I’m sitting here still in this stupid dress, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and some dead guy in Tokyo has ruined my perfect moment. The current theory was that he was a MCB freak, and he thought that Satomi really was Shigai. Maybe he was trying to kill her before she attacked us all. So stupid!

I hope Satomi is OK!  TokiDoki is with her now, along with the girls – I’ll let you know what I find out.

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